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Esbit Titanium Foldable Solid Fuel Stove


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  • Description

    An extreme lightweight cooking stove. The Titanium Esbit Folding Wing Stove is 60% lighter and more resistant to damage by bending than similar steel versions.

    Virtually any cook pot is compatible with this stove. It has a two-tiered serrated leg design suitable for both mugs and pots. Any pot larger than the stoves open diameter (110 mm) will rest on the outer points of the leg supports and provide excellent stability, within reason. Likewise, virtually any mug or small pot between the stoves minimum pot base diameter (36 mm) and the open diameter (110 mm).

    If you require fuel ask for Hexamine Stove tablets from most high street camping shops..


    * Folding design for compact storage inside your cook pot
    * Titanium metal for excellent durability to weight ratio
    * Solid fuel holder designed to perfectly hold one Esbit tablet
    * Fuel tablet height to pot bottom optimized for fastest boil times and heat transfer efficiency

    Dimensions: Height: 47mm; Diameter (open):
    110 mm; Minimum Pot Base Diameter: 36 mm

    Height between fuel holder and pot bottom:
    Dependent on pot type, but typically 26mm - 30mm

    Weight: 13.5 g

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