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Engo Blister Prevention Pack (4 large & 2 small ovals)


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  • Description

    ENGO blister prevention patches are patented low-friction patches manufactured with pressure sensitive adhesive. Unlike other blister prevention and relief patches, ENGO patches are applied to the inside of footwear, to the surfaces of insoles, or to socks NOT TO THE SKIN. This means the patches provide long-lasting protection from blisters and are pain-free to apply and remove. ENGO patches are thin, sweat-proof and latex-free!

    ENGO s adhesive is pressure-sensitive. Therefore, as the pressure on the patch increases so does patch adhesion to the shoe. The patches will eventually need replacement once the blue top layer wears through, or completely releases from, the white support layer.

    "I've used ENGO blister prevention patches in the most extreme conditions, from the heat of the deserts, to the frigid reaches of high mountains. They reduce friction and prevent blisters before they start. Thanks ENGO."

    Marshall Ulrich. Ultra marathon runner and mountaineer.


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