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X Bionic Men Energizer Gents Boxer: Black/Orange


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  • Description

    The 3D-BionicSphere System uses the process of sweating and the chill from sweat evaporating to provide an innovative temperature regulation and duct system to ensure you maintain your ideal body temperature of 37 degrees C. There is no feeling of overheating, dampness or cold at any time. Warms you when you're cold and cools you when you sweat.


    * 3D Bionic Sphere-System at the coccyx: Perspiration from the lower back section is conducted away for evaporation via the 3D BionicSphere System on the coccyx. The sweatTraps in the lower back absorb perspiration flowing down to the buttocks.

    *Innerlap AirConditioning Zone: the inner thighs are less reactive to the cold in terms of muscle performance.


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